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Mayor Arnoldo Barahona

Mamut was comissioned to develop Arnoldo Barahona brand and campaign for Escazú Elections for Mayor in 2020. The result was a solid brand and visual identity based on the colors of its party. The predominance of orange as an emblematic color of the candidate standed out against the communication of his opponents. The icon formed by the B initial with a right pointing triangle in a clear symbol of pursuing the future in association the tagline “Escazú, let’s keep on growing together” gave a full winner message to the reelected Mayor.


This development for Citi Bank consisted of an internal marketing campaign for the successful completion of a Change Management in conjunction with the 3G Office architecture firm. The concept revolved around the positive aspects of the change, emphasizing the people who are part of the Citi bank. They are the change, they are what make Citi a better place to work.

The concept was graphically completed with a smiling-blinking face that emerged from the red arc of the Citi logo.


Being Brand Design Leader in Gensler, Federico Alonso developed the storytelling, which he later captured in an audiovisual script, for the Concacaf Brand Manifesto. Concacaf means Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football, one of FIFA’s six continental governing bodies for association football.

World Animal Protection / Pretoma

With this simple but effective idea, Federico Alonso contributed to combat shark finning around the world. It was all born with the organizations World Animal Protection and Pretoma in Costa Rica who contacted Federico to develop a brochure to present in the United Nations and achieve a global finning ban.


UNHCR / ACNUR, the United Nations agency for statelessness and refugee issues, is a client who fully trusts in Mamut’s creativity and conceptualization. For them, we developed a large number of materials, such as custom publishing, logos for different initiatives and audiovisual shorts that communicate their programs around the world. All of them to offer many people hope for a better life.

Mar del Plata City

This message was created by Federico Alonso while being creative of the agency Downtown. A piece for the Municipal Tourism Authority of Mar del Plata City, Argentina, that was awarded at several creativity festivals around the world and is still valid for its clear and timeless concept.


The client’s brief requested to direct the message to professionals with high purchasing power who wanted to feel liberated when driving a Megane Cabriolet. That’s how Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde outdoor campaign was born. Piece developed by Federico Alonso being Creative Director at Ogilvy.